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Sat, Apr. 17th, 2004, 07:03 am
Good Morning from the Twain

Hello from the fabulous Mark Twain in downtown Peoria.

As a note the past three weeks had truly nothing interesting to note, except for the trip squirrel and I took to the Museum of Science and Industry.

And now back to today. Rewind to Yesterday. Seems I was one of the first out of towners to arrive in Pekin for Dante8's wedding. Rather than sit around and be bored watching TV with Josh's father, I took a trip with his mother to decorate the pavillion. The pavillion is a nice 100 year old building in the center of park.

It goes to say always, always bring duck tape to any major decorating function. The devil is in the details, and the beneath the details was duck tape. I amused myself with the construction of the swag lights that we fastened to the buffet table. Ribbon was use to hold up the lights since we couldn't nail or staple anything to the table cloth (rented) Ducktape underneath since there was nothing to tie to, ducktape on the ribbon so the lights wouldn't slide. As a final touch, Ducktape under candle roses to hide the duck tape marks under the ribbon. I can become the new domestic diva with Martha out of the way with Duck tape and WD-40.

Some other amusing moments of the afternoon was when 3 generations of Dalcher Family trying to untangle a stack of balloons. This was recorded on film. Sprint behaved enough so my camera phone can send things off. That reminds me to send the MSI pics to the Squirrel (on their way!)

By about three, with the pavillion decorated, its time to assemble everyone coming in for rehearsal. We met Boyle at Hardees. Boyle has this Tom cruise look to him now. He says he shaved his goatee, so I guess usually he looks like Mancow.
Tasha (Bride) arrived from her spa trip in Bloomington and we ventured to the Hotel in Peoria to pick up Chuck. Then off to the tuxedo place.

There is something about putting on formal wear that makes you want to say "Damn I'm smooth," and it was so. No errors were in any of our tuxedos and we made time back to Applebees to assemble more of the wedding party. All in the car Boyle is putting the "Mac" on Tasha in a thousand different ways. Getting us all back together again and nothing has changed really except the distance in where we live. Heather, Boyles date for the wedding, kept calling saying she was lost on the way to Applebees. We passed her on the road as we were in Pekin and Boyle was half hangin out the car waving at her. Hilarious.

At Applebees was Josh, fresh out of work and waiting with some more of the wedding party. The only one missing is the Ninja, who we hear has left Chicago at 3. ("Be there in Two hours") ("Not from the north side!") A car ride with Jill driving and Chuck was a blur. I remember a bra flying, something about pantyhose and not being able to walk on heels and VRRRRRRRM.

The church is rather pretty with a semi-modern look to it. Not a cathedral but a rather small church. While waiting around the college folks of the wedding party gather up and realize we know no one else other than our selves. It almost seems unfair to be standing up there with one ton of people there I have no clue about. Still, pretty much everyone else is in the same boat. Ninja still is not seen, and an usher fills in for him. The catholic priest is a family friend who married Josh's parents and flew in from Texas special to do this wedding. I don't think I ever heard a priest do "And now for God, blah blah, amen." as he sped through the high mass rites. Nothing sacreligous but certainly odd to hear a priest say.

I am the tail of the grooms party. It's Mike (Josh's cousin) as best man, Chuck, Boyle, Aldwin and myself. I'm paired up with a cute short girl I do not know the name to. Tasha had a few hard drop outs which I will discuss later. Being last means I'm first down the aisle after the priest. There is a couple of key moments where we lead things out and lead in again that I forgot about. No bother, Father John is the conductor and will conduct well.

Josh by the end of rehearsal was noticably giddy and swaying up there. Should be worse today. Ninja was still not to be found...until it was over. In pops in Aldwin, right as everyone is leaving. Great entrance Ninja!

The reception at the pavillion was not assigned (for the better) but left Josh and Tasha up alone at the front with the rest of the bridal party in the back of the room. To make up for it they did eat first and were soon left to wander amongst the guests. Catering was good and I had a very tasty pork chop I hadn't had since Iowa. Josh handed out gifts to the groomsman which when rattled we guessed they were light sabers. Close, they were replica minature swords of what Gandalf used in Lord of The Rings. Ninja promptly took his out "So, you want to arm the wedding party, eh?" and stabbed the air. That kid can be nuts some times.

It took some coordination to get back to the Dalcher Residence to pick up the cars and caravan back to the hotel. Usually I am good with directions but I had not made the trip nor had a physical copy to deal with so I rode Heather's bumper all the way to the Hotel. The only notable incident was Ninja (lead driver) being in the right lane of a four lane one way street with the hotel on the left. Well, Chicagoans know how to drive crazy when they need to.

Chuck drove back home to pick up his girlfriend. Boyle and Heather mucked around for a while in their room. They had a DVD, refrigerator and queen bed. Not what Ninja and I had in our double. After a quick pic of Boyle and Heather in the bed I made the exit for the Lobby. Smartly, Ninja followed. He sometimes has a tendency to remain when one shouldn't.

The rest of the night was spent drinking free beer from the bar and playing semi-drunk Gemstone. It certainly is fun exagerating the inebriated state when you need to. The other day Sonurkya told me she was staying in the game because of me. I was rather touched. She now is in the game as Schatze, a elven empath. We exchanged pictures via AIM and she is certainly a pretty one. One of the pictures was of her in Indian costume, (Indian as in India, not Native American), that makes you go "Exotic! Wow!"

"Drunken" GS probably didn't impress her, but it wasn't exactly intended to. It's friday night and time for vaalor to see what a sloshed wizard can do! I think I gave most everyone a good laugh. Nothing better to do to kill time since the Java interface to Gemstone was all that will run on this public machine.

The night was uneventful except for waking up at about 5 and really unable to get to bed from then on. My thoughts were slightly sad thinking about Chuck with a girl, Boyle with a girl and me with....well, Ninja. I came down to the lobby at
6:30Am to find Ninja typing away on another terminal. He has since left and I think is back in the room nappin. It's 8AM, and breakfast is served. The wedding is today and I better make sure food is in the stomach for tonight.

Me, who rarely (rare!) drinks, will certainly drink to excess in celebration of the wedding. Poof!