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Tue, Mar. 23rd, 2004, 12:53 am
It's about jobs.

Link: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=583&e=5&u=/nm/20040322/od_nm/campaign_bush_myanmar_dc

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A "Bush-Cheney '04" campaign jacket sold on the Internet has stirred controversy because it was made in Myanmar, whose imports have been banned by the United States.


Spalding Group, which supplies the merchandise for the campaign of Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney, took responsibility for the controversy, which came to light after a reporter for Newsday newspaper ordered several items off the campaign's Web site.

Among them was a red fleece pullover, priced at $49.95 and embroidered with the Bush-Cheney '04 logo. It carried a "Made in Burma" label.

The Bush administration has been trying to fend off widespread criticism of jobs being moved overseas. Democrats especially have pounced on the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs -- including many in the hard-hit textile industry -- as a presidential election campaign issue.


Jackson said a supplier shipped the wrong products.

He said the Bush campaign had asked that all of its products originate from American factories, and his company had listed those instructions when placing orders. Jackson said he had sent an apology letter to the campaign over the flap.


Job Creation Hits Home in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KY - Spalding Group announced creation of 25 new jobs via a Department of Homeland Security grant, the company said at a Monday press conference.

An unusual grant was made via sealed executive order to the Spalding Group in the last 24 hours. Details call specifically for seamstresses to be hired by the company.

"With the addition of several new loyal customers, the government has provided help for special employment," said Ted Jackson, president of Spalding. "We can add more jobs as special needs arise under this grant."

Thousands of people were lined up outside the company headquarters today looking for a job. "I've been out of a job so long, I forgot what a paycheck looks like," said Margaret Stums, an unemployed former brain surgeon.

A source who wishes to remain anonymous leaked that the jobs have to do with changing tags on items of clothing. The source said the clothing was "something about half the country can wear."

"We be changing the tags on these here items," continued the source. "They now are proudly made in America!"


Disclaimer: The second news story is fake. (Wouldn't want an internet rumor to go rampant, mm?)